• Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business if a client has a problem with work you have done for them.

It gives your business access to legal fees to protect your reputation. It would also respond if your business were required to pay for errors that burdened a third party with unexpected losses.

A good example is when the failure to fulfil an order leaves a client in a detrimental position. Whether you want professional indemnity insurance as a safeguard against these costs, or to protect your business’s reputation, this cover could work for you. Remember that your business does not have to have done anything wrong for claims to be made against it.

If you handle client data or third-party intellectual property, there’s a chance you may need professional indemnity to protect you from claims regarding their misuse.

If a client calls into question the standard of your business’s services, any business could potentially find that professional indemnity insurance offers them valuable protection. It demonstrates to clients and authorities that your business has a pragmatic attitude towards risk.

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