• Employer's liability

Employer's liability insurance

When illness or injury affects an employee, even the most vigilant employers can be sued for damages under their employer’s liability insurance.

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. It protects employees and employers, meeting the cost of legal fees and compensation following claims made against employers by employees.

In the UK, businesses that employ staff must have employer’s liability cover. £5m of employer’s liability cover is the minimum legal requirement for most businesses with employees. Employer’s liability claims are made against businesses when accident or illness is deemed to be, fully or partly, the fault of the employer. Your employer’s liability can be triggered by something as simple as a wet floor without the appropriate warning sign.

Did you know?

An employer’s liability claim could be triggered even if the employee is a voluntary helper, or is self employed but working under your supervision? To cover anyone else, you need public liability insurance.

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