This is Towergate

Founded in 1997, Towergate has grown significantly through the acquisition of nearly 300 businesses from across the country to become Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary.

When it comes to specialist insurance, Towergate is a UK success story. We assess your business to protect it from risk with bespoke cover.

While we have built our network by acquiring some of the UK’s best brokers, organic growth has been achieved by retaining clients on a long term basis and developing a deep understanding of their requirements. This allows us to really focus on helping our clients who can achieve their business objectives without having to worry about having the right cover in place. We pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our customer service, at both the underwriting and claims stage.

Our accomplishments are based on delivering our customers great value. Our market influence and relationships with major insurers helps ensure that we can offer businesses reliable cover and bespoke solutions. Whether you are concerned about an aspect of your work or the risks involved in your leisure time activities, you could benefit from a personal consultation at your local Towergate office.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of a hugely diverse customer base - from Archaeologists to Zoologists, our knowledge, experience and range of over 200 products means we are ready to serve businesses in virtually every industry. While our size gives us great bargaining power, we aim to promote a ‘small firm culture’ within our local offices, writing and transacting insurance with the small businesses in mind.

Through our dedicated charity arm, Towergate Charitable Foundation, we have raised in excess of £9.5 million for UK hospices and local and national charities since 2005.

We are on the phone, in the office, can visit you, and many of our products are also available online. If you would like to discuss any of our insurance products in more detail or you would like a quote, please contact your local office.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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