Towergate Insurance

  • Public liability

    Keep your business prepared for compensation claims from customers, suppliers and other members of the public.

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  • Product liability

    Demonstrate to the authorities and would-be clients that your business is a responsible business, a business that manages product risks sensibly.

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  • Business interruption

    If an insurable event — man-made or natural — results in an interruption to your trading, business interruption insurance can bridge the gap until a permanent solution is in place.

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  • Property damage

    Our range of specialist insurance can cover all sorts of property, whether it is for buildings, contents or vehicles.

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  • Personal insurance

    Towergate Risk Solutions can build you a bespoke policy, whatever your business or interest.

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“As your broker, we take the hard work out of insurance. So you can focus on what’s important - your business.”

At Towergate, we know successful business is all about taking risks. Our success owes much to risk, after all. We help clients evaluate their risk, and we secure their livelihoods by protecting them from it.

Risk has helped us become Europe’s largest broker of specialist insurance. From risk, we have gained financial strength and influence. Along the way, we have learnt how risk-taking can sustain rapid growth.

Today, not only can we pass this knowledge on to your business, we can unlock the global - and Lloyds insurance markets on your terms.

Yes, we’re a big player, but we don’t have a typical corporate structure. We write and transact highly specialist insurance, but remain a very open business. We’re not locked away in glass offices, or behind telephone systems.

We are where you need us - active in the communities we serve. Our local brokers personally ensure that our risk solutions are right for your business.

That’s why more and more British industries are taking advice and practical solutions from us. It’s why we’re relied upon by businesses just like yours, and why sustaining growth is what we do best.

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